Twitters’ New Look To Attract New Users

Today we are here to discuss Twitters’ new look to attract more users.

One of the social media giants that recently took the floor on the US stock exchange, Twitter, is experimenting with a new mobile web interface. Twitter continues to develop products, starting from logging in directly from iOS or Android, sharing images, and simple image editing. Twitter, now, changes the appearance of its website’s front page design to make it more attractive.

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According to a news source from Mashable, in twitters’ new look, the new profile page is wider, left-aligned to the profile picture, and displayed in blocks. This new appearance will make Twitter more attractive to users and more competitive with other social media such as Facebook and Pinterest.

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According to Jeremy Rosenberg, head of digital company Allison & Partners, told CNBC, people are more likely to like pictures that tell stories than text messages, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for text messages. But the rise of Pinterest and Instagram, and the changes from Google and Facebook show that visual experiences are making users more engaged. Rosenberg added, Twitter users often access via mobile devices, and this should not be of much consequence for regular Twitter users. However, twitters’ new look and these visual changes are more intended to attract the attention of new users.

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