Twitter Announced Some Changes To Regain New Users

The well-known microblogging company, Twitter announced that some changes will be coming next month. Business Insider reported that CEO Dick Costolo said Twitter is going to get better for people using Twitter, people that just signed up for Twitter, and people that aren’t logged-in users.

One of the changes is that Twitter plans to deliver an “instant timeline” for new users that will deliver tweets built around content they want to see. One of the big critiques of Twitter is that it’s hard for new users to understand. They have to follow accounts, but they do not know what accounts are worth following.

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For people that are current, logged-in users, Twitter plans to add “significant” functionality to its messaging feature. Costolo said he thinks good, “viral” messaging is key to the company’s long term health.

As for logged out users, Twitter says it has 500 million people seeing tweets. It sounded like Twitter plans to try to make Twitter a more valuable resource for these people by serving them more tweets.

The changes include easier ways to share video, take public conversations private and ways to avoid missing key tweets while offline. Twitter hopes to make sharing video less of  hassles with an update that makes it easier to record, edit and share videos natively.

According to CNet, another new feature is in response to complaints about Twitter’s personal messaging system, which has trailed behind the likes of Facebook and WhatsApp. Weil said the first of several related updates will become available next week, giving users the ability to share and discuss tweets privately via Twitter’s Direct Messages system.

The changes speak to users who get frustrated by how hard it is to catch up on what you’ve missed when you’ve been offline. Twitter is working on a feature that shows relevant tweets to you, even if they were posted when you weren’t around. It’ll choose those tweets based on who you follow and what you click on while using the site.

Investors liked what Costolo said. After Twitter announced changes, the stock goes up about 7.5 percent, to $42.54, in afternoon trading.

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