Katy Perry – Queen of Twitter with 50 Million+ Followers

More than 50 million people are followers of Katy Perry on Twitter and make Katy the queen of Twitter.

The singer from the United States has become the person who has the most followers on Twitter since last November after passing Justin Bieber last November. Bieber fans are also not small, Bieber has around 49.4 million followers and is a close competitor to the queen of Twitter. Regarding this, Perry responded with a relaxed tweet “Oh yeah and we grew to 50 million KatyCats! Uh, a usual day at the office, ”Perry chirped.

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Meanwhile, in third place is occupied by the number one person in the United States, President Barack Obama, with 41.2 million followers. Followed by Lady Gaga “Little Monsters” with 41 million followers. If you are a Katy Perry fan and haven’t followed this Twitter queen, you can follow Katy’s Twitter account @Katy Perry

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