Facebook to Remember What Has Happened

Facebook makes changes by making changes to the accounts of users who have died, the giant social media allows these accounts to become memorials.

In recent years, it has allowed people to remember the profiles of family or friends who have died, by locking the account. Previously, Facebook prohibited the appearance of these accounts for the public only for people who had become friends. In fact, including public posts or images shared with the public can no longer be seen, except by those who had become friends before the person died.

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But now, Facebook will keep posts or images that have been shared with the public, still visible to the public according to the user’s wishes. “We respect people’s choices in life by giving permission for the posts and pictures posted by the deceased to be seen by family and friends as a memory,” Facebook executives Chris Price and Alex DiScalfani said on their blogs.

Another issue that arises is who determines control over the accounts of people who have died. Some people who have acquaintances who have died hope to access their Facebook accounts or use them as memories, even asking FB to change policies related to this. Price and DiScalfani said that Facebook will have several other policies to address this issue, as we thought it would be good to help people decide how they want to be remembered or what they want to leave with their loved ones.

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Google, last year, also started allowing its users what they want to happen to their data when they die, including the inheritor of their data, Google named the account “Inactive Account Manager”.

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