A Memorial for Steve Jobs in Russia Dismantled (A Reaction to Cook’s Essay)

A week after Tim Cook announced publicly regarding his sexual orientation, a memorial for Steve Jobs has been dismantled in a courtyard of St. Petersburg University of Information Technology, according to Reuters. A giant iPhone like sculpture with six-foot high, built in 2013 by Russians business group ZEFS.

“In Russia, gay propaganda and other sexual perversions among minors are prohibited by law,” ZEFS said, noting that the memorial had been “in an area of direct access for young students and scholars”. “After Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly called for sodomy, the sculpture was dismantled in line with Russia’s federal law protecting children from information that propagandizes the rejection of traditional family values,” the statement said.

The statement cited Maxim Dolgopolov, the head of ZEFS, as saying everyone should stop using the iPhone, which, he said, was more dangerous than cigarettes or drugs.

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Cook, of course, did no such thing. He did write: “I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me.” Apparently that’s enough to run afoul of the law, which President Vladimir Putin signed in June 2013.

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