Google Helps Voters with Latest Information During Elections

Let’s see how google helps voters by providing the latest updates during the election campaign.

Google is launching a new series of tools that can be used to help India’s and Indonesia’s 1 billion voters, who are heading to the polls next month. The tool will be installed on the election Hub page, which makes it easy to access news, videos and the latest information about the upcoming election.

In India, Google has launched a Hangouts series for Indian political party leaders, so that Indian residents can vote interactively in their respective regions. The tool can also create videos that help explain the importance of voting.

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Meanwhile in Indonesia, the non-governmental organizations Perludem and the Asia Foundation use the election map facility in the Goggle Map to create information about candidates per region and the data will be updated when voters have cast their votes on the day. Google also holds workshops for candidates to learn how to reach and communicate. with voters on online platforms like YouTube and Google+

Elections in India will be held in 9 stages from April 7 to May 12, while Indonesia will hold legislative elections on April 9.

The overall process where google helps voters to get updated is appreciated by the public too.

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