5 Things for Fostering a Brand: Nokia Study Case

Fostering a Brand: Nokia Study Case

Fostering a brand or product isn’t an easy corporate job to do. It requires continuous efforts to stay trendy in society. Aside from hard works, new innovations are necessary because consumers’ needs are dynamically increasing day by day. Having trouble with getting along with consumers’ assertions and needs will cause big disadvantages for the company, like Nokia.

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Nokia was established in 1865 by Fredrik Idestam. The company is based in Finland. In its early years, Nokia produced an only a mobile phone with simple features used to send and receive SMS and dial other numbers. With the flow of information and technology development, Nokia started to invent more simple features such as Camera, MP3 Player, Game, Internet, etc.

Nokia has always been providing a user-friendly device with excellent endurance. Compared to other mobile phones, Nokia has stronger battery power, stable resale price, and easy-to-find phone case. But, these days Nokia seems no longer racing on the track. Falling behind other mobile phone brands, Nokia is seemingly facing its biggest setback in retaining the brand Nokia in society. Tracking its recent history, these are 5 causal things that dragging Nokia out of track.

1.Failure of Symbian OS and Wrong Deal with Windows

In 2002, Nokia came up onto the stage with Symbian OS which earned positive feedbacks from the market. But it didn’t last long since Apple released iOS in 2007 and continued by the release of Android in 2008.

Nokia couldn’t stand the competition in the market chasing after iOS and Android which then made them have to leave OS Symbian behind. Soon afterward, Nokia released its new smartphone, Lumia. Cooperating with Windows, they still couldn’t win the competition.

2. Slow to innovate

The presence of Apple and Android seems not to make Nokia aware to make the latest innovation. Nokia is very slow to innovate, while Android and Apple continue to innovate to reach the top of the market. Apple introduced the iPhone with a full touchscreen and app-based operating system.

3. Nokia missed the Middle-Low Society

Nokia missed the smartphone market and yet, Nokia didn’t well anticipate the competition in the middle-low society market. Vendors from China and Taiwan such as ZTE and HTC were aggressively run their promotion to the middle-low society in developing countries.
“They were also squeezed at the bottom by micro vendors, which individually are not very big, but when you add them up they pose a threat in the low-end of the market,” Alex Spektor, Strategy Analytics analyst said.

4.Old Generation

Nokia has been associated with the old generation. People pictured Nokia differently from how they picture iOS and Android.
“Nokia become old brand while Samsung is seen as the new has-been-waiting-for innovation. Nokia inherited old famous games, Brick and Candybar ponsel,” said Lam from HIS.

5.Execution is Key

Where Samsung shines brighter than Nokia, and many other manufacturers, is execution. Samsung mirrored Apple’s gameplan by dazzling consumers with a high-end flagship line in its Galaxy S Android phones. “If you look at what Apple’s done really well, it’s organizing its phones under the iPhone brand. It’s a memorable, recognizable brand that consumers wait for,” Alex Spektor, Strategy Analytics analyst said. “Samsung has adopted a very similar approach to their flagship phone. Every year, consumers know that a new Galaxy S is coming.

It helps to build up anticipation and drive consumer demand.” While Nokia’s execution has been shoddy in recent years, it doesn’t mean it can’t make a comeback with Windows Phone. “Nokia and Microsoft are no weaklings, they do have assets,” Wayne Lam IHS senior analyst said. “We believe that there is a good chemistry there with that partnership, and ultimately long-term Windows Phone will be successful.”

Those 5 things for fostering a brand are a useful reference for the entrepreneur evolving mobile phone industry to keep on inventing new innovation and for readers seeking information and technology updates.


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