Survival Guide: A Day Without Your Smartphone

A Day Without Your Smartphone

Whether you want to admit it or not, you rely more on your phone than you think, which might make a day without your smartphone more rewarding than you anticipate. This is because of the many tools built into your phone that orchestrate your lives, all of which you probably take for granted, like hands-free directions or your morning alarm clock. 

Just because you do not have your smartphone does not mean you cannot do the same things! As long as you are safe and have some way of informing people where you are, then you can do anything on a day without your smartphone that you can on a day with your smartphone! 

Leaving the cell phone at home that coordinates your busy life can be exhilarating! A phone-free day can be nerve-wracking at first, but by the end, you will feel empowered and may end up wanting to leave your cell phone at home more often! 

What You Will Need to Survive a Day Without Your Smartphone 

Believe it or not, people made their way around before smartphones were invented. If you intend to go somewhere without your smartphone, there are a few things that you will absolutely need to get yourself through the day. 

The following items are essential to your smartphone hiatus: 

  • A watch
  • A map
  • Emergency contact information
  • Money

You can survive a day without your smartphone, but the few items here are important for navigation and telling time! 

Tips for A Day Without Your Smartphone 

Many people often feel stressed without their cellphones which is a completely normal feeling. After all, you wonder whether someone is contacting you or if you are missing out on reading an important memo at work. But do not fret; there is nothing that cannot wait until tomorrow!  

Here are a few tips for a day without your smartphone: 

Let Others Know They Will Not Be Able to Reach You

Before beginning a day without your smartphone, be sure you contact your family or friends and let them know you are safe. 

Plausible options for contacting people include:  

  • Leave a Note 
  • Let them know beforehand 
  • Use social media instead 

If you are planning your day without a phone in advance, you should it is important to contact other people beforehand and let them know what you are doing; otherwise, your sudden disappearance may be a cause for concern. 

Plan your day in Advance 

Just because you do not have your phone does not mean you cannot go about your regular routine, but it does mean that you must plan your day in advance. Since you will not have any way to contact someone or navigate your way electronically, you need to plan your destinations beforehand. 

It is helpful to know where you are going so you do not get lost, to know the locations of available public phones, and the general directions to and from your home! Additionally, you should be sure you can commit to your schedule.

Use a Payphone 

Payphones are a straightforward way to get in contact with someone without having to use your smartphone. This works as long as you know the number of the person you are trying to call, which is why it is crucial to have your emergency contact information stored inside your wallet at all times in case of an emergency!

Things to do on a day without your smartphone 

There are so many fun things to do when you are no longer tending to your cellphone’s constant pings and rings. In fact, humans are so glued to our phones that we forget to observe the world around us and often get lost in our electronic bubble! Luckily, we can break free by leaving our smartphones at home and partaking in a day free of technology. 

  • Explore the outdoors 
  • Read a book 
  • Go for a bike ride 
  • Learn a new skill 
  • Organize your closet 
  • Practice your art 
  • Take an athletic class 
  • Give yourself a spa treatment 
  • Go on a walk 
  • Take a nap 
  • Take a class at the recreation center
  • Write poetry 
  • Bond with your pet 

There are many things you can do to entertain yourself on a day without your smartphone, and none of them need to be expensive, extravagant adventures, either. From taking a violin class at your local rec center to joining a club team, there are hundreds of options that can occupy your time instead of your corrupting cellphone! 

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