4 Simple Ways to Stay Fit without Wasting Money at Gym

Stay Fit without Wasting Money at Gym

Interested to know the simple ways to stay fit without wasting money at the gym? We are discussing the same topic today. Let’s start!

Going to the gym is a trend in metropolitan areas. Almost all girls, boys, teenagers, and adults, all have a hobby to go to the gym nearby. Almost all of them have the same motivation that is to build their bodies. Especially for boys, they want to have a six-pack stomach. For girls, if they want to have a good or skinnier body then they must do regular exercises and go to the gym for it.

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Most young people themselves are also exercising to improve their bodies. If their budget is not enough, teenagers will use the internet to seek knowledge about muscle formation and trying to practice on their own without any instruction from the fitness trainer. Here are tips you can do to change the way of exercising, in a simple way, and at lower prices without going to the gym OR can visit Busylifting.com too for expert guidelines on muscle building in a healthy way.

According to Ahmad, a White Tiger Fitness Instructor, there are 4 low budget ways or even without spending money at all to have simple exercises at your house:

1. Sit-up exercise

You can do a sit-up exercise before you go to sleep or after you wake up in the morning. Just do it 50 times per day, 25 times in the morning, and 25 times before you sleep. If you do it daily, you will have a flat stomach and even a six-pack stomach

2. Push-up exercise

Push-up will make your hands and wings muscles become good. If you do it wrong, it will make your muscles to have dislocations. Do the push-up 10 times per day, 5 in the morning after you are wake up and 5 times before you sleep. For girls, you are not ALLOWED to do this push-up exercise, but if you want to have a push-up exercise, just do it with your knee touching the floor.

3. 10 km Walking

No one can skip walks while discussing the best ways to stay fit. If you don’t have a treadmill in your home, then walking will be an easier way to exercise regularly. Walking 10km per-days will make your legs become stronger and make your thighs become smaller. Do it weekly or daily, in 3 months you will see the difference. Walking one mile (1.6km) will burn up at least 100kcal (420kJ) of energy.

Walking two miles (3.2km) a day, three times a week will help reduce your weight by approximately one pound (0.5kg) every three weeks (coolwalking.com). For girls who have diet activities, you certainly need to try this walking method.

4. Cycling

If you have a bicycle, then use it to build your legs with nice muscles around your legs. Cycling is good for your health, if you do it in the morning because the air is still good and not to much polluted. Cycling in the morning will make your bones good because sunshine contains vitamin D that is good to build your bone and prevent your bone from osteoporosis. Start to cycle for 5 km for the first time.

Well, these are 4 ways to stay fit and save your money. Hope your fitness goes well and good luck.

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