USB Rechargeable Heated Apparel: Latest Trends in Camping, Hunting, Fly Fishing, and Other Outdoor Activities.

USB Rechargeable Heated Apparel: Latest Trends in Camping, Hunting, Fly Fishing, and Other Outdoor Activities.

Heated apparel is a trend that’s here to stay with an ever-increasing choice of options on the market. Heated apparel is clothing that warms up using a battery incorporated with coil packs throughout the piece. Now, many of these items can be recharged using a USB port. 

Having USB rechargeable heated apparel is super convenient for so many reasons. First, it allows you to stay warm whether you are camping, hunting, fly fishing, skiing, hiking, or just watching an outdoor football game at your old alma mater. Second, you can use it to recharge your phone and other electronic devices. 

The cool thing about USB rechargeable heated clothing is that it isn’t limited to jackets or vests. There are socks, hats, and even scarfs that are in the USB rechargeable heated apparel genre. There are even heated wearable blankets from Venustas available on Amazon. You can be toasty from head to toe in this clothing while doing your favorite things outdoors.

Understanding How Heated Apparel Works

USB rechargeable heated clothing works because there are coils built into the item that attaches to a battery. The battery provides power to heat the coils, making them produce heat. 

Clothing in this category also has excellent insulation, so it retains heat well, whether it’s socks or jackets.

Heated Clothing and Water

Some may have questions about whether USB rechargeable heated clothing can work in water or even be safe. This type of clothing is fine in rain and snow as it is typically waterproof. However, it isn’t meant to be submerged, so you can’t walk through a river in heated socks. 

However, ducking a rain cloud or using this type of clothing on the slopes is just fine. You will stay warm and comfortable the entire time.

How Do You Wash It?

Washing USB rechargeable heated apparel isn’t a problem. While there could be some exceptions, most of these items can be cleaned in the washer after removing the batteries. It is best to use a mild detergent, but you can use a regular cycle with no problem. 

The only condition is that you don’t put USB rechargeable heated apparel in the dryer. Heat could damage the coils and connections. All of this type of clothing dries well just by hanging it up. 


Safety is always on everyone’s minds today, but there isn’t anything to worry about with USB rechargeable heated clothing. These clothes have a waterproof temperature control sewn into them, and there is a layer within the jacket to prevent the wearer from ever being shocked.

The fabric is labeled “intrinsically safe,” meaning it can’t overheat and is chemical resistant so that it can be used in extreme environments. 

The power coils in USB rechargeable heating clothing also have built-in safety features that prevent them from overheating.

How Do You Pick a Good Heated Apparel Brand?

Many brands today are highly reputable in producing USB rechargeable heated clothing. Some key things to look for when picking out the right items for you include:

  • Look at how it’s made. 

Quality merchandise will have good seaming. It will also have quality batteries that are typically either 5, 7, or 12 volts. However, some brands have batteries that are up to 20 volts. 

Understand that the voltage doesn’t necessarily equate with the amount of heat or time the product produces warmth. Some 5-volt batteries will keep warmth coming up to 12 hours. Look at the label to see how long it will produce heat. 

  • Check on battery availability.

Some products have easily replaced batteries, while others may have batteries produced only for their brand. Find out which is in the product you are looking to buy. 
All batteries in USB rechargeable apparel products are lithium-ion, so they are small, light, and safe. 

  • Look for an adjustable heat setting. 

The top brands of USB rechargeable heated clothing have adjustable heat controls that are easy to use. Typically, there are three settings to choose from: low, medium, and high. Many of the heat settings can be controlled with a click of a button. 

  • Look for good insulation. 

Just because you have heatable clothing doesn’t mean you don’t need insulation. Some of the best brands have mylar insulation to keep heat ear your body. Having good insulation will reduce the need to have so many layers, allowing you to move more freely. 

  • Look at where the heat zones are. 

Clothing of this type typically has heat in zones. The purpose is to keep certain core areas of your body warm, so your whole body feels comfortable. 

For instance, jackets and vests will have heat zones on the chest and back. Socks may have more near the toes rather than on the legs. 

  • See if it’s wind-resistant. 

Most of the apparel in this category is waterproof, but all isn’t wind resistant. Be sure to check the label to see if it will keep you comfortable even in gusty winds. That could be important if you are in the mountains or on the water.

One of our favorite USB-heated apparel brands is Venustas. You can use the coupon code: GoTogetherGoFar on their site for 15% off your purchase. 

USB Rechargeable Heated Apparel: Latest Trends in Camping, Hunting, Fly Fishing, and Other Outdoor Activities.

Is USB Rechargeable Heated Apparel Worth It? 

You will indeed pay more for USB rechargeable heated apparel than regular insulated clothes for winter weather. However, those outside a lot, either working or participating in sports activities, will find this a good investment. 

After all, wearing these types of heated jackets, hats, socks, and scarves will keep you comfortable for up to hours, depending on the item and the brand. That means you will have that extra time to enjoy all your favorite outdoor activities or complete that work project that needs to be done.

Best Ways to Use USB Rechargeable Heated Clothing Outdoors

This type of clothing can be used for so many activities, but those involved in outdoor sports will be a group that falls in love with heated apparel. Those who spend time in all-day or weekend activities will find that USB rechargeable heated clothing is something they can’t do without.


Camping can be so much more comfortable wearing USB rechargeable heated apparel. Outerwear includes heated jackets or vests, and most have little extras that make trips better. Those extras include waterproof zippers, hoodie varieties, and even heated pockets. 

The adjustable heat settings on most of these items ensure that you remain at a comfort level that’s right for you. Heat temperatures for jackets typically start at 100 degrees and top 131 degrees Fahrenheit, so you will never be cold camping even if unforeseen weather causes a temperature drop.


Hunters spend a good part of their day waiting in a tree stand or in the brush for their dinner to arrive. Sitting still and quiet for a long period means hunters can get cold.

That’s where USB rechargeable heated clothing becomes the perfect companion, whether it’s hats, socks, insoles for hunting boots, jackets, or vests

Many of these items come in darker colors that work well to camouflage yourself in the brush. Some heated vests can be worn under your hunting clothes, keeping you warm all day.

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a fun way to spend the day, but it becomes less fun if it’s a cold, chilly day after rain. USB rechargeable heated apparel helps with that as it can keep you warm throughout the day. A USB heated vest is the perfect thing to wear when fly fishing in the winter.

Heated socks, hats, and scarves typically stay warm for up to six hours, while heated jackets and vests can produce heat for up to 10 hours, some even 12 hours, on one battery charge. 

A good advantage to this type of clothing for fly fishermen is it is waterproof. Most are made with polyester fabric, which is light and water-resistant. The coils and other components are made to withstand general contact with water like rain or splashing, so this apparel is a good choice for anglers.

Snowboarding or Skiing

Unlike skateboarding, snowboarders have to deal with much colder temperatures. USB rechargeable heated apparel works well for skiers and snowboarders because it is durable, acts as a shield against wind, and is waterproof. Plus, most heated jackets and vests will work for up to 10 hours on one charge. 

An added benefit is you can recharge your phone while on the slopes, so you can always be assured that you can navigate yourself down. 

One of the ways heat escapes is through your head. Having a heated hat while you are snowboarding or skiing will help keep your whole body warm. Wearing heated socks will keep your toes toasty going all the way down. 


Those who enjoy outdoor activities like camping, fly fishing, hunting, and snow adventures like skiing and snowboarding will find that USB rechargeable heated clothing will become necessary.

It helps you feel comfortable longer and can offer a little extra resistance against catching a cold while out in the weather. 

Investing in this type of apparel is an investment in your favorite sport, just as any other piece of equipment is. It is worth it if it helps you enjoy your favorite activity more.

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