6 Best Powerbait Colors For Stocked Trout

Best Powerbait Colors For Stocked Trout

Not all Powerbait colors are created equal. Some tend to get better results than others. The best Powerbait colors for stocked trout include fluorescent orange, corn, chartreuse, bumblebee, salmon egg red, and Garlic. 

Trout are super fun to fish for, and anglers of all backgrounds have grown to love them. Over time, advances in the fishing industry have led to new and improved ways to catch trout. One of the now more popular baits is Powerbait. Powerbait is a doughy substance that uses color and attractants to get trout to bite. 

The Best Powerbait Colors for Stocked Trout Are Not All The Same

All of these colors are highly regarded as the best Powerbait has to offer. Each has its own reasons, and they can all elevate your fishing experience. Here are the best Powerbait colors for trout! 

And don’t assume Powerbait is just for trout. Did you know that you can use Powerbait for catfish?

If Powerbait isn’t your thing, RodAndNet.com has a great list of secret trout baits.

Fluorescent Orange

A big part of a trout’s diet, in certain areas, is fish eggs. Trout are aggressive and will eat other trout eggs as a means of protein and a way for that trout’s spawn to develop successfully. So, imitating those eggs can be super helpful. 

Bright orange, like this color, mimics trout eggs pretty well. Yes, it does not imitate the shape and size of eggs, but it is the blob of color that really matters. In many cases, having the detail of individual eggs will not do you any good. 

Not all fish eggs will match this fluorescent orange color, but a sect will be nearly spot-on. An excellent way to maximize your results is by doing some research and seeing what your local eggs resemble. You can do this relatively quickly through the internet and your local fishing shop. 

Also, using actual eggs can be very expensive or even impossible for you based on your location. So, having the Powerbait do that same job is a huge help. Many anglers will swear by real eggs rather than Powerbait, but that is not always an option, so have this color of Powerbait on deck. 


Corn is an interesting Powerbait color because it imitates a natural substance that trout are sometimes known to eat. This is corn. It features the yellowish color that the food features naturally. 

To truly take advantage of the perks this color brings, you should do some research about your geographical area. If corn is not naturally present in your area, then you might want to reconsider. This does not mean it won’t work, but it is something subtle to think about. 

Similar to the egg color, the details of the shape do not really matter. When putting the dough on the hook, it will generally represent a kernel of corn, but it will lack a specific outline, which is okay. If you want to get that shape a little closer to the real thing, you can buy Powerbait’s nuggets in this color and many others. This is when the brand takes the traditional dough and portions them into nuggets. The shape will be more consistent, but the price is higher, so keep that in mind. 


Chartreuse is one of those colors that is in the fishing color Hall of Fame. Although that is not a real thing, chartreuse is a constant color used in many facets of angling. This is no exception when using it for trout. 

Powerbait’s chartreuse color is a classic and can yield some great results. This is a great color to use because it sticks out in any stain of water. Whether it is crystal clear or like chocolate milk, there is a good chance that trout can see this color. 

A way to upgrade the existing chartreuse presentation is by buying the glitter version. Technically, Powerbait makes glitter dough for a number of colors, but it works really well with chartreuse. This adds reflection and even more enticing visibility for the trout. 


Although we laid out some pretty traditional colors, it is time to mix it up and discuss some of the more underrated Powerbait options. One of which is the bumblebee color. This is also the first Powerbait color on this list that is actually a mix of multiple colors. 

The bumblebee colorway is a mix of yellow and black, as the name implies. The yellow is of the fluorescent variety, so it really catches the eye of the nearby trout. The black compliments this color and adds some good contrast. This makes the yellow pop even more. 

Some trout anglers do not like multicolored Powerbait, but it is worth trying out. There are tons of other swirls and mixtures, but the bumblebee is one of the most dominating. This is also an excellent presentation for situations where your go-to colors aren’t working, and you need to mix them up. 

Salmon Egg Red

Similar to the fluorescent orange Powerbait, the salmon egg red variety tries to accomplish the same thing. Its entire goal is to imitate salmon eggs in the wild and get aggressive trout to munch down. 

What makes this variety different is the red rather than the orange presentation. Depending on the geographic location and species of fish, the eggs will vary slightly in color. Although it might seem minute, the difference is important to consider. 

Now, this will take a little bit of research on your part, but find out what your local eggs look like and do your best to resemble them. Thankfully, Powerbait carries two main egg colorways that can be molded to fit the color as well as you can. 


Garlic Powerbait is a fascinating one for several reasons. Firstly, garlic is actually referencing the color and not the scent. On first look, it seems that garlic would be the scent. This is because other areas of fishing use garlic scent a lot. For example, many bass anglers love to use garlic-scented crawls or other soft plastics to get those fish to bite. This is not the case with Powerbait. 

The garlic denotes the color and uses the natural scent formula used in most of their doughs. All of that considered, it does look like garlic! The beige shine does resemble garlic. 

Trout probably don’t just eat raw garlic, but there is something about this color that gets the job done. It is a natural color that sticks out in the water that isn’t overly stained or clear. Although it could blend in depending on the watercolor, it can be very fruitful in some situations. 


Here are some of the best Powerbait for fishing for trout! When trying to land that trophy fish, the presentation’s color has a bigger impact than you may think. Trout won’t just eat anything that falls in front of their face, so use the information above to elevate your fishing experience to the next level! Here are the best Powerbait colors for stocked trout! 

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