5 Seafood Restaurants Famous for Tasty Dishes in Surabaya

Seafood Restaurants Famous for Tasty Dishes in Surabaya

Seafood consists of many high nutrients, especially protein and omega3 which is very good for our body. Even we are encouraged to eat seafood twice a week, although some seafood also inherits high cholesterol. Seafood dishes can be found in many restaurants nearby your place, especially in Indonesia. Seafood lovers could enjoy the dishes that are served in various ways and tastes including grilled, stir-fried, steamed, and others.

Here we have collected some famous seafood restaurants in Surabaya for their unique and tasty dishes.

1. Layar Seafood Restaurant

This seafood restaurant has two venues in Surabaya, first, it is located at Jl. Raya Bukit Mas 109 and the other is at Jl. Manyar Kertoarjo 62. At the front of it, you can see many fresh sea fish, crabs, and others are to be displayed before being cooked. The main concept to sell here is the place to eat at the seafood market, which is to allow guests to choose directly a variety of dishes from fresh ingredients.

The favorite dish of this restaurant is a crab with Padang sauce or salted egg sauce which can make you drool, but it’s a bit hi-fat and high cholesterol.

This restaurant opens from 11 am to 10 pm. Make sure you do the reservation first especially on special days or weekends when you want to visit.

2. Terminal Seafood Restaurant

It has the tagline “Terminal live seafood” which means station or place that you eat fresh seafood there. You can reach this restaurant at Jl. Manyar Kertoarjo 40, nearby Layar seafood restaurant.

The favorite dish here is the golden cream crab, which serves crab with cream based on coconut milk and extra herbs. Other customer favorites are Lobster Fruit Salad, Soft Shell Crab in Salted Egg Sauce, and Leather Jacket Fish Grilled with Sweet/ Spicy Sauce.

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You could also reserve a hall or VIP room for your office meeting or your family gathering events including Christmas events, Chinese New Year, or others.

Enjoy the tasty dishes and cozy ambiance of this restaurant with warm hospitality.

3. Bandar Djakarta Surabaya Seafood Restaurant

This restaurant so far has 4 places, but only one is located in Surabaya, at Jl. H.R. Muhammad 360, while the rests are in Jakarta and nearby. It is probably the largest seafood restaurant in Surabaya with parks. The outdoor natural atmosphere and hilly parks bring cool and comfortable situations for visitors who want to eat outdoor.

Bandar Djakarta is a special seafood restaurant that offers a variety of dishes of fresh fishes, shellfishes, crabs, and shrimps. Most of it comes from local, but some are imported.

The most popular dishes that customers often order are salted egg crabs and shrimp grilled honey. Bandar Djakarta has another unique menu, Alaska crab, that you can try there. This kind of crab cost you more than IDR 1 million per kg, but it is equal to the tastiness and uniqueness of its dish.

You can have an outdoor party or garden party with a seafood menu at Bandar Djakarta Surabaya.

4. D’Cost Seafood Restaurant

Perhaps this restaurant has the most venues for its chain seafood restaurants in Indonesia, it has more than 60 outlets around Indonesia. With its famous branding tagline “the quality of restaurant as five-stars hotel quality, but price as low as street vendors”, D’Cost can expand and compete with other top seafood restaurants.

In Surabaya, D’Cost has 5 outlets, they are in D’COST Graha Family Surabaya, D’COST Royal Plaza Mall, D’COST Kapas Krampung Plaza Mall, D’COST Kayun, and the newest one at D’Cost Margomulyo. Check here for more complete and detail information about the outlets

Popular dishes that mostly sold are shrimp sauced mayonnaise, crab sauced Padang, Gurame fish spicy grilled, and fried calamari flour,” said Eka Agus Rahman, General Manager Marketing D’Cost Group.

If you are seafood lovers, you can try to eat at this restaurant without worry about your pocket, it is cheaper rather than the other previous restaurants mentioned in this article.

5. Caribbean Seafood Restaurant

The interior and exterior of this restaurant are decorated as a ship, complete with ropes and barrels. It is located in Spazio Terrace, Graha Family, Surabaya.

You must try the favorite dish, Lobster Thermidor which is served with melted cheese then loaded into the lobster shells.

The other favorite lobster dish is served with butter and herb seasoning, you will feel the sauce more pervasive. The price of the lobster costs about 170K.

So, seafood lovers, you can try these seafood restaurants or share your experiences in the comments box. Or, perhaps you are willing to share your other favorite seafood restaurants/places around Surabaya? Don’t hesitate to share your favorite seafood restaurants in Surabaya to this Open List by submitting them using the Open List form below.

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