15 Fun Uses for Drones – These Are Cool!

Fun Uses For Drones

Looking for some cool ways to put your drone to use? Whether it’s a hobby or work-related, we have something for you. 

You can use drones for amazing things. They have changed the way that we provide healthcare, travel, and gather data. In this article, we will discuss 15 of the coolest things that you can do with drones. 

Unique Uses For Drones

1. Hiking

Taking a drone with you on your hike is a great way of capturing the moment. Not only can you get some amazing video footage of the trek, but you can also track the weather ahead, the upcoming path, or any obstacles you may face. 

Recent tests have undergone using drones to create 3D trail maps for more detailed, safer hiking. 

2. Agriculture

Drones have many uses when it comes to agriculture. A common use is cattle counting. Heat sensors can be used to keep an eye on animal stock without farmers needing to physically search the whole land area. 

Drones are even capable of calculating the height of crops, to see how well it’s developing and when it’s ready for harvesting. 

3. Wildlife Conservation

Many animals have become endangered or extinct due to excessive poaching. Conservationists are combating this issue using drones by tracking and monitoring animals, then reporting the information back to researchers. 

4. Disaster Relief

In the aftermath of hurricanes, earthquakes, or tsunamis, drones have been used to help locate victims, calculate damage, and deliver life-saving aids. With some natural disasters, such as forest fires, drones can actually be used to prevent them altogether. Surveillance drones are being deployed to report back any abnormal temperatures in forest areas. 

5. RV-ing

Drones are very useful as toys for capturing cool shots and videos on your RV road trip; however, they can also be used as tools. You can fly them further afield and find suitable places to park up, hidden trails unseen by the roadside, or find your bearings if you become lost. 

6. Internet Access

Many of the world’s largest tech firms have been experimenting with ways of using drones to provide internet service to widespread, rural parts of the world. Many designs have already been attempted, including a solar panel internet drone and a hot air balloon-styled internet drone. 

7. Photography

Bird-eye views are unbeatable – but they also make for great pictures. Photography makes for another fun use for drones. Whether you plan to do aerial photography for money or personal use, you’ll be sure to get some great shots. 

There is a large aerial photography market for properties, nature landscapes, and architecture. 

8. Firefighting

In more recent years, drones have been used to put fires out faster. Using drones to fly up to the higher levels of apartment buildings, attached with a hose of fire extinguisher. 

9. Backpacking

If you’re living a travel lifestyle, then one of the most important things is capturing the moments. When searching for the best backpack travel drone, you’ll need to look for something that has a good battery life, good camera quality, and is not too heavily weighted. 

10. Pollinating

In a time where the bee population is declining, drones are a great way of keeping an environmental balance. The bee population has declined by over 50%. It may seem strange to take pollinating away from bees; however, drones are simply being used to bridge the gap in pollination rates. 

11. Medical Service

Healthcare has been drastically modified and improved by the latest technology. Included in this is the use of drones. Drones can be used for multiple reasons, such as transporting medical supplies or organs from place to place, tracking emergency calls and delivering defibrillators, or providing comfort and entertainment to hospital patients. 

12. Racing and Gaming

Drones have brought a whole new playing field to gaming. Packages are now available for drone races and battles via augmented reality. As well as this, many video game companies are now using drones to map more realistic AVs for maps and surroundings.

13. Hospitality

Not only is marketing and advertising being boosted by the use of drones, but the front-of-house part of hospitality is also being upgraded, with some chains of hotels offering beverages in hotel bars or room service via drone. 

14. Scientific Studies

Drone technology is used for gathering data studies for universities or laboratories and is helping with many economic and environmental matters. NASA is even using drones to study water vapor changes and prevent harmful UV radiation. 

15. Home Security

Security companies are now offering a more comprehensive surveillance system that you can use on home properties or industrial buildings. These drones can be programmed to frequent a particular route, record suspicious activity, and report triggered alarms. 


As you can see, drones are not just toys anymore. The number of applications is growing at a staggering rate. In addition to the civilian applications listed above, there is an increasing number of military applications. They even make underwater drones!

It is clear that drones are here to stay.

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