How to Enhance Home Security to Boost Property Value

How to Enhance Home Security to Boost Property Value

Home security doesn’t just improve your house’s safety. It can also be a smart financial investment. For example, a comprehensive home security system will safeguard your house and possessions—and can even boost appraisal value. This isn’t the only step you can take to enhance security, however. There are many small yet impactful measures you can implement to make your property safer—and more appealing on the real estate market.

Find out what you can do to enhance a home’s security and potentially increase its value.

Add Additional Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting enhances safety and security in a few ways. Lighting on stairs, porches, and walkways makes it easy to see at night, preventing trips and falls. Meanwhile, motion lights can be useful for deterring would-be burglars. Finally, lighting can beautify the property, calling attention to aesthetic accents. Experts recommend lighting both entryways and walkways, effectively creating two distinct protective “rings” of light around the property.

Install Fences and Gates

Gated fences are a great way to enhance property security, keeping out unwanted visitors—people and animals alike. They can also bring added peace of mind if you have pets or kids that like to play outside, as you can be sure this barrier will keep them close to home. The Crime Prevention Websites has a roundup of different types of fences and how secure they are, covering different types of wood and metal fences and walls.

Create Privacy with Landscaping

Most homeowners value their privacy and don’t necessarily want their neighbors—or possibly ill-willed strangers—tracking their every move. While a fence may create a protective barrier, it won’t necessarily keep out prying eyes. You can use landscaping for this purpose. For example, Country Living recommends adding creeping vines to a fence, making it harder to see through. Trellises and hedges are another way to create privacy.

Upgrade Your Exterior Door Security

Your exterior doors are a prime point of entry for burglars. You want to ensure they are sound and secure. Do-it-yourself enhancements include replacing the screws in the metal plates of the door jamb, upgrading hinges, and replacing locks. If you have more money to spend, you can replace your front door. For example, if your front door has decorative windows, which can be smashed and used to gain entry, replace it with a windowless door. Additionally, you can always add an extra layer of security with a video doorbell or a wireless security system. 

Invest in Portable Devices for Extra Measures

For added peace of mind, invest in some basic home safety enhancements on top of the larger security measures described above. You might install more smoke detectors, for example, or invest in a safe for expensive valuables like jewelry. You can also check out tools like the DoorJammer. This isn’t a home security system, but it can help add security to interior doors by making them more difficult to open. 

Keep Track of All Your Security Investments

Whichever of the above improvements you choose to make, keep track of them. Take before and after pictures to document visible changes, like adding a fence, installing lighting, or replacing your front door. You should also hang on to any receipts. According to RedFin, you can use this documentation to quantify an increase in property value, which can be especially useful if you later sell your home and want to maximize the sale price.

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The financial investments you make to create a more secure home can enhance property value. More importantly, they can give you greater peace of mind, as you can be sure your home, property, and loved ones are safe. This is truly priceless.

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