Top 10 Famous Fictional Protagonist Hackers in TV Series

Today we are going to discuss the top 10 famous fictional protagonist hackers in TV series.

Being a hacker is not an easy job as we have to follow and learn the advancement of computers and technology. However, these hackers don’t need to learn profoundly about tech and computers, they just need to act nicely. Yes, they are actors or actresses that portray roles as hackers in movies.

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Here we have collected the top ten famous fictional protagonist hackers in TV series that have incredible hacking and computing abilities.

1. Felicity Meghan Smoak (Arrow)

She was told that she has the second rank in the National Information Technology competition when she was 19 years old and has graduated MIT with a master’s degree in Cyber Security and Computer Sciences. While in college, she was a hacktivist along with her boyfriend Cooper Seldon and Myron Forest, and successfully hacked into a government database.

She was formerly just a customer service at Tech Village, before joining Queen Consolidated Group under Walter Steel lead. Then, she met Oliver Queen who returned from being presumed dead for five years, and she was often asked many strange requests by Oliver. Eventually, Oliver had to reveal his secret identity to Smoak as he just got shot by his mother, Moira.

Smoak is very expert with the investigation and hacking a computer system, even the most advanced. She is the major part of member Arrow’s team as main source in-field information, hacking, and even duties such as undercover work.

2. Daisy “Skye” Johnson (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D)

Daisy Johnson, legally known as Mary Sue Poots, is a genius-level hacker and S.H.I.E.L.D agent operative. She was fathered Calvin Zabo known as the doctor and mothered by an inhuman woman. Growing up an orphan juggled around by S.H.I.E.L.D., she adopted the name Skye and worked for the Rising Tide “hacktivist” group so she could reveal the truth about the existence of aliens, superheroes, and demigods to the world.

When she appeared on S.H.I.E.L.D.’s radar, Phil Coulson recruited her into his team. However, the real reason why she agreed to join S.H.I.E.L.D. was to discover the truth about her lost parents. She joined them as a consultant, becoming a valued member of the team throughout the course of their missions. Skye finally gained official S.H.I.E.L.D. membership just before the hunt for the Clairvoyant. After the events of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Civil War, she joined the rest of her team is going off the grid. Skye was devastated when she learned that fellow agent Grant Ward was an agent of HYDRA, and she joined the team in defeating the Centipede Project and John Garrett.

When Agent Coulson became the new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Skye, along with the rest of the team, went with him to begin rebuilding S.H.I.E.L.D. She worked to stop HYDRA in the following months, eventually leading her to discover the truth behind her origin. In the series of events that followed, Skye reunited with her father. She discovered the alien-based origin of her mother’s lineage, and, after a grueling altercation against Daniel Whitehall’s forces, Skye was exposed to the Terrigen Mist, granting her earthquake generating abilities.

3. Alec Hardison (Leverage)

Hardison was growing up in a foster home that makes him only know two things: computers and techs. A loyal geek with a lack of maturity joins Leverage’s team as an expert in electronics and computer especially hacking, including analyzing the footage, monitoring comms, scanning police frequencies behind the scene.

Always quick with a joke or snide remark and sometimes has caused the team problems, but he always comes through in the clutch. Hardison’s natural charm allows him to get along easily with most people.

His relationships with the team vary. He has special relationships with two members of his team. With Eliot Spencer, it’s more of a friendly rivalry similar to that of brothers. With Parker, it’s more akin to romantic attraction.

4. Penelope “The Black Queen” Garcia (Criminal Minds)

Penelope Garcia is originally from San Francisco. She is flamboyant, fun-loving, and provides the rest of the team with comic relief. She is very confident in her ability to find answers by hacking computers and similar. She enjoys playing online games, specifically MMORPGs.

Her parents were killed by a drunken driver in a car accident when she was eighteen. Garcia has stated that after her parents died, she dropped out of Caltech and went “underground” but continued to teach herself computer coding.

She had been placed on one of the FBI’s hacker lists (she was one of a small handful of extremely useful or dangerous hackers in the world), and they recruited her from there. It has also been mentioned, when she was not allowed to travel with the team to Langley, because Garcia belonged to that list when she (unsuccessfully) tried to hack the CIA for information (namely, Prince William’s phone number) and information on Diana, Princess of Wales’ death and other government conspiracies.

Penelope Garcia is working as the BAU’s Technical Analyst and also the team’s Media Liaison Officer since Jennifer Jareau’s promotion to Supervisory Special Agent; the latter is a job that she shares with Aaron Hotchner. BAU is a part of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI0. It is one component of the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime

5. Chloe O’Brien (24)

Chloe O’Brien is exceptionally intelligent; in particular, she displays extraordinary mastery of computer science. O’Brien graduated from the University of California, Davis with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. She was proficient in Cerberus and PlutoPlus, as well as IPSec. Her areas of proficiency included operational security, computer vulnerabilities, and intrusion detection.

She is now a senior intelligence analyst with the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU). She also serves as Internet Protocol Manager at that unit, and later assume a major role at the agency’s reopened New York office.

Spending most of her time behind a computer terminal, she is rarely sent on field assignments; however, she has demonstrated proficiency with weapons in some scenes. She works very well under pressure and she has always demonstrated a degree of social awkwardness.

Despite her lack of social graces, Chloe has gained several friends at CTU and has shown to have a great deal of loyalty to them. She also has a complicated friendship with CTU Agent Jack Bauer.

6. Logan “Eyes Only” Cale (Dark Angel)

Logan is a cyber-journalist under the pseudonym of Eyes Only. He uses his knowledge of computer technology to bring down corrupt power brokers of the new millennium in a Post-Pulse Unites States. Logan hacks into television cable networks and delivers his scathing video messages, which usually last exactly 60 seconds and “cannot be traced and cannot be stopped”. Logan often refers to Eyes Only in the third person, even when talking to people in the know.

Logan and Max develop a partnership and close friendship after Logan catches her trying to rob his apartment. She helps Logan take out the villain, and he helps her track down her fellow Manticore escapees. Their relationship begins to deepen after Max gives Logan a transfusion of her blood, which helps Logan temporarily regain the use of his legs.

Logan Cale was born on November 11, 1988. He grew up in a rich family that was unaffected by The Pulse partially because of his Uncle Jonas’ involvement in the creation of Hover Drones. He was also married to an alcoholic woman named Valerie, whom he later divorced.

7. Abigail “Abby” Sciuto AKA Ice Queen (NCIS)

Abigail “Abby” Sciuto is the forensic scientist assigned to NCIS’s Major Case Response Team, although she presumably also works helping other Agents. Abby is extremely skilled in processing any and all evidence, physical or digital that is brought to her.

She is well-known around NCIS for her Gothic style of clothing, her addiction to the high-caffeine beverage Caf-Pow and her highly-energetic personality which has her often hugging everyone, sometimes going off-topic much to Gibbs’s own annoyance and even her habit of talking very fast while waving her hands.

8. Timothy “Tim” McGee (NCIS)

Timothy “Tim” McGee is a special agent investigating crime in this police procedural show; his specialty is cyber-security and computer crime. However, he is regularly called on by Leroy Jethro Gibbs to do on-site forensics as well – he is an exceptional tracker – as well as to aid in performing arrests.

He was a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and MIT and the most accomplished computer technician in the cast, regularly working with Abby Sciuto on computer forensics and with his mentor Tony DiNozzo on physical forensics. He started out as a minor character in the first season but became one of the main characters of the ensemble cast at the beginning of season two. His nickname is “McGeek”.

9. Claudia Donovan (Warehouse 13)

Claudia Donovan, nicknamed “Mr. Knock-Knock” or “the Goo Queen” by Arthur Nielsen, is the younger sister of Joshua Donovan and Claire Donovan; she is a computer hacker, inventor, employee and current Caretaker of Warehouse 13.

Claudia is very headstrong and determined, and to others comes across as a “brat” at times, due to the fact she never lets up until she gets her way. She is also a curious, borderline intrusive individual, but her quirky and impulsive nature leads her to have high initiative. She also loves to play with the various gadgets at the Warehouse to occupy herself.

Claudia is neither a Special Agent nor a Criminal Research Specialist because she does not yet meet the USA’s minimum age requirement of 21-years old. She is, however, as of season 3, a fully active Warehouse agent and often partnered with Steve Jinks, “The new guy”.

10. Seymour “Shadow Walker” Birkhoff (Nikita)

Seymour Birkhoff (born Lionel Peller) is the tech man of Team Nikita along with Sonya. He’s also the former head of IT at Division. He’s been at Division under both Percy and Ryan’s command.

Before Seymour was recruited by Division, he was a college student. During his time at college, his cybercriminal handle was “Shadow Walker”. Upon hacking into the Pentagon, Seymour was caught then recruited shortly after.

Birkhoff is shown as one of the best people in the world in his field of IT expertise and is better than anyone in Division including Sonya. He is also the engineer, building his own equipment.

He has some combat training from Division and sparring with Michael during their rogue days. He has a net worth of several billion courtesies of hacking bank accounts.

Do you have any other favorite hacker characters?

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