7 Extraordinary Hotels in Bali

Planning to visit Bali then you must know extraordinary hotels in Bali. We are here to discuss 7 amazing hotels in Bali to make you add more fun to your next trip to Bali.

As one of the popular travel destination, Bali has the best resort in the world, with the best view of beaches and incredible nightlife. According to Travel and Leisure Magazine in 2009, Bali was known as World’s Best Island, while Lonely Planet chose Bali as the second of the Best of Travel 2010. Indonesia Travel also mentioned that Bali has the greatest of nature, such as volcanoes mountains, green ricefields, and also beautiful sands.

There is no second thought for people who loves beautiful scenery to choose Bali as their holiday destination. Thus, it is normal that Bali provides hundreds of hotels, but, while you are in Bali, you have the opportunity to choose one of these extraordinary hotels that you might not want to leave after your visit. Antonia Fransiska made a list of 7 unique hotels in Bali that you will want to stay forever:

1. Panchoran Retreat, Ubud

If gets away from the crowd and blends with nature is what you looking for, then this hotel is suitable for you.

Located in hilly contours of Ubud with its extraordinary rock formations and natural waterfalls, the Panchoran Retreat is the perfect place to disconnect with the world. The resort boasts of seven houses – each with their own private pools and a Big Bale.

2. Room@Bali Hip Suites, Ubud

The second unique hotel in Ubud where you can hide from the beach party scene of Seminyak. While you are staying here, you can escape from routine difficulty in daily life. Explore serenity and blissfulness from this hotel.

Room@Bali offers four private suites with an affordable price of USD 150 per night. You can enjoy the view of the stunning Ayung River valley uninterruptedly. It’s incredible!

3. Sharma Springs Bamboo House, Ubud

Like the two previous, this hotel also located in Ubud, but in a very different theme, which is an eco-friendly hotel. Can you imagine you stay in a bamboo house?
According to Airbnb, this hotel is set within a river valley landscape along Bali’s sacred Ayung River, this 6 story bamboo house is unique. It is the latest addition to Green Village, first established in 2010, a master-planned community of high-end bamboo villas with its distinctive blonde roofs. Entering the house is a feast to the eyes and a showcase at how black and white bamboo can be combined in all shapes and patterns to create a stunning collection of luxurious floors, walls, ceiling, stairs, and railings.

4. Sandat Glamping Tents, Ubud

Far away from the World, lost in nature five of the magnificent safari-tents and three eco-lumbung: the first glamorous-camping in Bali. Connect with nature without giving up the comfort and luxury of sophisticated furnishings – and of course, wifi. Hardcore campers might frown at the concept. Welcome to Sandat Glamping Tents.

5. The Dragoon 130

Charter World mentioned that the Dragoon 130 was once a typical traditional Indonesian phinisi boat re-designed by the Italian Sergio Supino and re-launched in 2013 the party boat and luxury charter yacht Dragoon 130 measures 40 meters and can be accommodated up to 12 charter guests in 6 staterooms, as well as 120 guests during daytime cruising.
Charter guests can indulge with such luxury amenities as a contemporary open bar, a restaurant/dining area, spa pool, home theatre karaoke room as well as a massive sun deck space. Individual cabins are also for rent while the yacht is anchored and prices start at USD150 per night.

6. Thematic Village Houses at Bambu Indah, Ubud

Bambu Indah may have one of the best water villas in Bali, but not only that, if you want to feel like you are living in the village, these quirky themed houses may be what you’re looking for. There are eight different themed houses, and each is more beautiful than the next, the pictures say it all.

In 2005, eleven antique Javanese bridal homes were brought to Bali, restored, and decorated with the finest details. Now, Bambu Indah is available to travelers from around the world seeking unique experiences while being comforted by the luxury of a natural environment and service of an intimate hotel.

7. Mara River Safari Lodge, Gianyar

Known with the African Theme, you’ll get an unforgettable experience at the Mara River Safari Lodge in The Bali Safari & Marine Park complex in Gianyar. Feeding exotic animals right out of your balcony? Falling asleep to the majestic roar of the lions? Or have a wet and wild fun bathing the elephants? All wishes granted!

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Mara River Safari Lodge is Bali Safari and Marine Park’s hotel accommodation. It is a themed resort of a boutique luxury lodge in Bali filled with entertainment, activities, safari park, spa, elephant ride, and more with the shadow of Bali sacred Mount Agung looming in.


There are still many more hotels in Bali that you can choose from. Not only luxury hotels but also these extraordinary hotels that you might not see in another travel destination. Well, while you are in Paradise, choose one of your dream hotels!

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