5 Popular Action President Kidnap Movies About Hostage-Taking of the US President

president kidnap movies

The following president kidnap movies in Hollywood action films showcases the greatness of the American president and Secret Service agents in performing his duties. Here we show 5 action movies about the hostage-taking of American presidents:

White House Down (2013)

The film depicts the fall of the white house into the hands of paramilitaries and is tinged with the prowess of a police officer named Cale, who becomes the film’s main character in rescuing America’s number one man. This president kidnap movie, White House Down, stars Channing Tatum as a cop, who takes his son on a tour of the white house, and Jamie Foxx as American President Sawyer.

Tensions escalated when a bomb exploded in the middle of the white house that, briefly knocked down the dome of the White House. During the bomb attack, a group of terrorists entered and wiped out the secret service agents on duty. Sawyer was forced to be evacuated to a special bunker when the bunker’s access could be opened, the president’s security chief began firing at other agents and presenting himself as the person responsible for the terrorist attack. The film is peppered with the intrigue of the political rivalry between the president’s ambitious spokesman and the betrayal of the president’s security chief, who feels betrayed by President Sawyer.

Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

Having a similar storyline to White House Down, a former special agent from the Secret Service unit tries to save the president from hostage-taking by North Korean guerrillas. Set in the white house, the film features Gerald Butler as a secret service agent named Mike Banning and Aaron Eckhart as American President Benjamin Asher.

The storyline of Olympus has fallen as the American president and South Korean prime minister Lee Tae Woo meet at the white house, north Korean guerrillas disguised as janitors, and crowds of tourists try to take advantage of the moment to break through the security of the white house. Mike Banning, who was then in charge of the treasury department based near the White House, called to the rescue of his former boss.

Vantage Point (2008)

Recounting the attempted assassination of American president Henry Ashton during a political visit to Salamanca (Spain) in order to promote an international treaty shown in eight different points of view. Each point of view is told in about 23 minutes, and each point of view tells the story from the beginning back with the addition of a more detailed story until the audience can finally combine the story. The vantage point film stars Dennis Quaid as secret service agent Thomas Barnes and Sigourney Weaver as Rex Brooks, a GNN television news producer.

Air Force One (1997)

Starring actor Harrison Ford as American president James Marshall and Gary Oldman as Ivan Korshunov the dictator general who tries to negotiate the general’s release by holding the family of America’s number one. The story of Air Force One begins with the success of the Joint American and Russian military operations in overthrowing the military regime and capturing Kazakhstan’s dictator, General Ivan Radek.

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On the way back to America after attending a banquet celebrating the arrest of General Radek, the American presidential plane Air Force One was hijacked by a group of Korshunov-led terrorists. Korshunov tried to force Marshall’s president to release the general. However, the policy of not negotiating with terrorists led Korshunov to kill hostages one by one. Until the president’s family knew Korshunov was on the flight, Marshall’s president loosened the policy slightly. But eventually, thanks to the cooperation of the crew of Air Force One and the addition of the expertise of President Marshall, who was a former soldier, was able to fight the terrorist plot.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)

This Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter film adapted the story of President Abraham Lincoln in the civil war in America and was transformed into a fantasy story of Lincoln’s war against a group of vampires. President Lincoln, played by Benjamin Walker, is portrayed as the main character who, from a young age, defends oppression, in which case the oppression is carried out by a group of vampires led by Adam.

Adam’s intention to turn the United States into a vampire state was opposed by Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln, who was also campaigning for the presidential election, gathered strength and even made a silver weapon that was a weakness of vampires. The last battle between the vampire army and the Union army was won by Union soldiers who had been equipped with silver weapons.

Have you watched those president kidnap movies about hostages before? What do you think? Or do you have another similar movie?

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