Facebook Dislike Button – Why FB Won’t Add a ‘Dislike’ Button

See what Mark has decided about Facebook dislike button. Sorry haters, you will not see a thumb-down button you want so badly in the near future of Facebook, or even in forever. According to its founder Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook initially wanted to add a “dislike” button before deciding it would ultimately be too negative.

In a Q&A event on Thursday (12/11), Zuckerberg did say that his team was considering it, before completely throwing the idea out of the window. They decided that the tool won’t do much good and will only add a spark to the negativity around the internet. We couldn’t agree more.

Imagine having a facebook dislike button beside the like button. Facebook would become a better place for all the trolls and cyberbullies out there. It might be up for good use if we pressed the dislike button on death announcements written on your friends’ status or for posts sharing about the violation of animal rights or social injustice to show that you empathized and felt the same way.

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However, many of us would be tempted to abuse that button to the friends who post too many status updates or food photos, showing off their active social life. Some would use the button for the sake of having fun and throwing jokes with their friends. There is so much hate already on Facebook without the existence of a ‘dislike’ button. We’ve seen many cases of teenage suicides due to bullying on social media, and we shouldn’t give bullies more ways to make fun of others.

The CEO took the time to explain why such a button won’t be added to the page for the time being. “Some people have asked for a dislike button before. They want to be able to say that a thing isn’t good and that’s not something that we think is good for the world,” said Zuckerberg at the event.

“So we’re not going to build that. I don’t think there needs to be a voting mechanism on Facebook whether posts are good or bad. I don’t think that’s socially very valuable or good for the community.”

Zuckerberg, on the other hand, admitted that his company will continue developing a tool similar to the basic idea of a ‘dislike’ button the right way so it ends up being a force for good and not a force for bad and demeaning the posts that people are putting out there. Facebook isn’t going to stop testing, because that’s what makes its product better, he said.

Until Facebook figures out how to do that, we have to make do with the comment box and simply the ‘like’ button, to show that we care and we enjoy what people share. And when your friends start to over-share, you can always choose to unfollow their posts without hurting their feelings. The world doesn’t need a ‘thumb-down.’ Case closed.

It was a good decision regarding facebook dislike button in our opinion. What do you think over it?

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