Tumblr Took Instagram Position As The Fastest Growing Social Media

After last year Instagram was ordained as the fastest growing social media. Now, this year Tumblr is the one that has the fastest growing by 120% in the last six month. According data released by Global Web Index. While the largest social media is still held by Facebook with growth rate only 2%.

The second rank is Pinterest, a social picture sharing with growth of 111%. However, Instagram is displaced from top to third position with growthof 64%

In overall member growth, Pinterest took the top position with 57% while the largest social media, Facebook with only grew 6% of members. Even other social medias has growth rate faster including Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and G+

The GWI report’s author noted that Facebook has some “major challenges” to face as it moves forward. Many people are growing bored with the platform, the report notes, and 50% of U.S. and UK members are using it far less frequently than they used to. For now, Facebook’s king status seems safe, but the market of social media is ever-saturating.