5 Great iOS and Android Apps for Online Business Meetings

iOS and Android Apps for Online Business Meetings

Here we have gathered together 5 great iOS and Android apps for online business meetings.

In this rapid mobile technology development era, people could work and collaborate together remotely from any place without the necessity to meet in person with their colleagues. As business owners, you need to be ready to communicate anytime and anywhere with your partners and clients. You also need to be able to conduct online business meetings so you can expand your networking regardless of time and place boundaries. We hope these iOS and Android apps for online business meetings will help you out.

1. Go To Meeting

Go To Meeting provides a lot of awesome features for your online business meetings such as HD video conferencing so you can see people’s faces while communicating and screen sharing to present and collaborate right from your iPad or computer. You can also choose between VoIP or phone to do audio calling in the meeting.

If some members could not attend then you can record the whole meeting and save the conversations to distribute to them later. Another great feature is to share files via your favorite file-sharing services such as Dropbox and ShareFile. Do you want to share your findings on the internet with all the meeting participants? Then you can directly share content from your browser.

A virtual meeting does not mean you should type on the keyboard to deliver your opinion because with Go To Meeting you can easily draw doodles on a virtual whiteboard to emphasize your point to the participants. If you prefer written conversations to face-to-face or audio conversations then you can use the chat room anytime you like.

Check all the features and plans. Download Go To Meeting from PlayStore and AppStore.

2. Click Meeting

Click Meeting offers audio and video conferencing to conduct the meeting with face to face or audio conversations. One of the great features of Click Meeting is the meeting room rebranding so you can customize your meeting room with the company’s logo and colors.

Another important feature for the online meetings is the full desktop sharing and control so participants can collaborate together to share their findings from the browser, create a hand drawing presentations on the whiteboard to share their opinion easily, share presentations and images, and share YouTube videos.

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Click Meeting also provides simultaneous chat translation so you don’t need to worry if you have participants who do not speak in the same language as you.

Check all the features and plans. Download Click Meeting from PlayStore and AppStore.

3. Meeting Burner

Meeting Burner provides great online business meeting features such as instant screen sharing, audio conferencing, meeting scheduling, automated email and SMS reminders, in-meeting chat, and meeting recording.

You can also track a meeting’s performance by using the meeting analytics, so you can understand your meeting’s temperature, improve your pitch, follow up with interested attendees, and turn your meetings into a powerful sales tool.

Check all the features and plans. Download Meeting Burner from PlayStore and AppStore.

4. Join Me

Join Me gives many benefits to the users with a lot of interesting features such as phone or internet calling (VoIP), unlimited bridged audio conferencing means everyone will be on the same call, meeting recording so you can keep a record of your meetings or share the recording with absents participants, one-click scheduling directly in Outlook or Google Calendar, and presenter swap so you can simply hand over the presenter role to any participant.

Check all the features and plans. Download Join Me from PlayStore and AppStore

5. Start Meeting

Start Meeting enables the host and participants to do the audio conferencing through phone or VoIP. Screen sharing is also provided so you can share your entire desktop or selected applications, record screens, chat with other participants, and switch between presenters.

You can also customize your meeting wall, create a landing page for participants to visit, upload your photo and company logo, and add a meeting title and description. With the studio feature, you can create cloud-based presentations instantly, and record anything on your screen with audio.

Check all the features and plans. Download Start Meeting from PlayStore and AppStore.

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